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The Wealth of Small Joys

     The card drawn this morning from the Anna K. Tarot is the Ten of Pentacles:

There's a party going on, and all are invited, from the very young to the very old.  Humans love to celebrate their progress in this material world - graduating from school, a first job, buying a home, or having a baby.  Our accomplishments would mean very little if we didn't have someone to share them with.  Imagine hitting a hole-in-one on the golf course with no one to see it; the excitement just wouldn't be the same as having your golf buddies there to witness the event.  Wealth comes in many small, ordinary ways besides financial security.  As Anna writes in her LWB, it may also include the joys of family happiness, a garden, sunshine, a cup of tea, the sound of rain, or the visit of a friend.  That list makes me feel richly blessed with wealth myself.

     The "Willow" is the card pulled from the Green Man Tree Oracle today:

Willows love water; we have them growing profusely along most of the holding ponds in our area.  Matthews gives this tree's wisdom as "From harmony comes inspiration."  Harmony comes when we are in the flow of life, rather than fighting the people, places and things around us.  Chaos and drama do not make fertile beds for inspiration.  Solutions and original ideas will be found in serene rather than muddied waters.

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