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Apples and a Serpent
     From the Wheel of Change Tarot, the Four of Disks:
Four apple halves are surrounded by blossoms and honey bees.  Most RWS based cards depict a miser, clutching his hoard of money to his chest.  Although I do believe abundance is portrayed by this card, to me the apples emphasize the wealth of good health.  Even though I have been faithful for months now in my daily exercise and diet, I must not slack off or become complacent.  The pleasure of feeling good far outweighs the rigors of self-discipline.

     From the Oracle of the Dreamtime comes the "Rainbow Serpent:"

This aboriginal story tells how the Rainbow Serpent woke up from her sleep inside the earth and came to its surface.  As she moved along the land, she created rivers, plants and animals.  Before she returned, the Rainbow Serpent created humans and gave the them the role of caretakers of the earth. She warned them not to take more than they need, or she would come back out of hiding and punish them.  For me, this story deals with energy and resources, and my responsibility to be a good steward of them.  Taking more than I need of anything will only hurt rather than help me in the long run.