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Personal Preference or Cooperation and Compassion
     From the Wheel of Change Tarot, the Three of Disks:
Funny that on my walk this morning, I noticed many new ant beds, and now I've drawn a card full of ants.  The number three generally involves a coming together to produce something new.  Ants are all about teamwork and cooperation.  I doubt you'd find one on top of the hill protesting because he has to be the grain carrier instead of a scout.  They all know their jobs, and they do them.  This card reminds me that there will be times when I need to be flexible in my roles, which will help me to join in as vital part of a creative group.  Collaboration allows us to pool our talents and resources and reach our goal quicker; fussing about who gets to do what will only stall our efforts until the group loses steam altogether.  EGO = Enemy of Groups and Organizations.

     From the Oracle of the Dreamtime comes a myth about "Wombat:"
This aboriginal legend tells about a friendship between two very different animals - Wombat and Kangaroo.  Wombat liked to live in the little hut he had built, but Kangaroo preferred to be in the open, and often teased Wombat for needing a shelter.  One icy winter, Kangaroo decided to ask Wombat to let him inside his hut.  Wombat at first refused, but then told Kangaroo he could come in, but had to stay in the corner because he was wet.  An argument soon started, and Kangaroo flattened Wombat's head with a stone, while Wombat hit Kangaroo with a spear (giving him his long tail).  This story reminds me that everyone has boundaries, but sometimes there must be a compromise between personal preference and compassion.