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Spiritual Responsibilities
     From the Wheel of Change, the Five of Swords:
Five sickles have been used to cut several clusters of mistletoe from the oak below.  The harvest sickle was used as a hand-held agricultural tool; its curved blade allowed grain crops to be cut in bunches.  The "five" cards deal with tests, and in this case reminds me that my communication with others can either burn bridges or build them.  I would prefer having a friendly discussion to a heated debate, but sometimes my buttons get pushed and I forget to be respectful with my words.  The sickles imply that I will reap what I sow.  If I want to be an arrogant know-it-all, that's the kind of people I'll eventually be surrounded by.  I think I'll give that a pass...

     From the Oracle of the Dreamtime comes the "Opal:"
This aboriginal myth tells about the beginning of civilization, before there were any guidelines by which to live.  Great Spirit came down on a rainbow to teach the tribes not only how to hunt and survive, but how to live respectfully among each other as well.  Before leaving, Great Spirit told the people it would continue to watch over them and would one day return when the people could live in endless peace.  The sign Great Spirit would send would be a rainbow with colors that would be more spectacular than they had ever seen.  After Creator left, the people saw rocks with flashing colors in them - the first opals.  This legend encourages me to remember my spiritual responsibilities in dealing with others - fairness, patience, and kindness.