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Slowing Down, Fulfilling Obligations
     From the Wheel of Change Tarot comes the Prince of Disks (Knight of Pentacles):
My Kramer ancestors, who immigrated from Germany to Pennsylvania, were wagon makers.  They were well-known for the sturdiness of their wagons, many of them outfitted to carry oil barrels in Oil City.  This fellow is checking every detail of the wheel he has crafted, reminding me of the adage "measure twice, cut once."  He is not worried about quantity but quality, and he'll take all the time he needs to make sure what he is creating will be a product of excellence rather than a product of haste.  Today I've felt a need to rush, from one task to another.  I'm trying to mentally put the brakes on, so I will slow down and appreciate each moment of my day.

     From the Oracle of Dreamtime comes the card "Gymea Lily:"
This aboriginal myth tells of a tribe who sought shelter in a cave but became trapped by massive boulders that blocked the exit.  The stones were too heavy to move, but one strong warrior was able to climb to the top and squeeze out a small hole.  For months, he hunted and fished for his tribe, sending food down into the cave via the hole he escaped from.  His loyalty never wavered as he continued to provide for them.  Unfortunately, one day he himself fell and was killed.  A beautiful lily grew from his body, honoring his dedication to his tribe.  This card remind me that while I enjoy having time to do what I want, I also have obligations and responsibilities to take care of too.  And by fulfilling my duties, I help myself as well.