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The Sisterhood
     The tarot deck I'll be using this week is the Wheel of Change, created by Alexandra Genetti.  This morning's draw is the Queen of Wands:
I remember reading a study a few years back that showed how music affected a person physically and emotionally.  Music is obviously this queen's passion, and her love of it comes through in the way she plays, affecting those who listen to it.  And though she appears alone in this card, she is actually part of an orchestra that requires cooperation among all its members.  Everyone plays different instruments, but they all work together to produce something beautiful.  This queen teaches me that I can "follow my bliss" and find harmony with others, if I'm willing to be flexible enough to work with them.

     The other deck I'll be using this week is the Oracle of the Dreamtime, created by Donni Hakanson and illustrated by several different aboriginal artists.  Today's card is the "Seven Sisters:"
This aboriginal myth tells of seven young girls who wanted to prove they were just as worthy as the young men, and requested an initiation by the elders.  The elders agreed, and tested them physically and mentally with both hunger and pain.  The young women showed courage, endurance, strength and discipline, and the tribe held a celebration in their honor.  They were taken up into the night sky as the Seven Sisters constellation, always reminding women that they can shine even in darkness and times of challenge.  This story reminds me that having a group of women who support and encourage me can help me persevere during times of stress.  Thank goodness for the sisterhood.

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