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Noticing Subtle Changes
     This week the deck I'll be using is the Victorian Romantic Tarot, created by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov.  Today's draw is the King of Pentacles:
Here is a king who is out and about to check on the state of the land and his people.  Other kings may rely on men who report back to them about the affairs of the kingdom, but this king is so in tune with his surroundings that he will pick up on seemingly insignificant observations that others miss.  Is the water level down from where it normally is this time of year?  Are the animals showing signs of a particularly cold winter ahead?  Some people may find him dull, but all would agree his interests lie in what is beneficial for all the land and its people, not just a select few.  He reminds me that there is a time to be sensible and practical rather than impulsive and unconcerned.

     The second deck I'll be using this week is the Flowers' Messages, created by Annie Marquier and Veronique Dumont.  This morning's draw is "Daffodil - Groundedness:"
In the early spring, daffodils are the first flowers to make an appearance here.  It's almost if they pay such close attention to the subtle changes in their environment, they know when the seasons are changing.  Here in my area, the dogwood berries all have a blush of red, and many of the deciduous trees are slowly beginning to turn colors.  If I spend all my time rushing from one appointment to the next, hurrying through one task to another, I'll have no clue what is going on in my environment.  This flower encourages me to stay in the present moment, aware of what is around me and what is happening now.

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