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The Power of Temptations
     From the Morgan-Greer Tarot, the Five of Swords:
I've always thought this card should be entitled "The Pyrrhic Victory."  The guy with the smug smile and the swords has won the argument, but he has destroyed something more important in the process - his relationships and the respect others have for him.  Whenever there is a difference of opinion or beliefs, it is sometimes hard to remember that perhaps my knowledge is limited.  When engaged with someone who is in the same place, there is a desire to belittle, bait, and obliterate.  But like the "winner" in the image above, I will soon find that I've lost much more than I've gained.

     From the Goddesses and Sirens Oracle comes the card "Sirens/Temptation:"
With women as beautiful as these, I can see why men might overlook the monster lurking in the background or the collection of skulls and skeletons strewn about.  And once they do see them, it's too late.  Just as the Sirens lured sailors to their death with their songs, I can get caught up in my emotions or a self-righteous attitude.  If I act from this place of imbalance (as it is tempting to think I know what is best), I invariably wind up with a mess to clean up.  Best to check for those bones lying about first...

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